Those who are battling an active addiction feel hopeless. If you’re like most alcoholics, you’ve probably considered going to alcohol abuse rehab centers in Jacksonville, but you don’t think they’ll work for you.  The part of your brain telling you that is also the part of the brain making sure you continue to drink. That’s how alcohol addiction works. However, it is possible to set yourself free with alcohol addiction treatment.

When you have an addiction, the reality is that you have an extremely powerful mental illness that doesn’t want you to get better. It’s common for alcoholics to want to give up and continue their way of life because they don’t believe there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Alcohol abuse rehab centers in Jacksonville have helped thousands of people like you get not only sober but also stay sober as well. Reach out to the alcohol addiction rehab center in Florida near you.

What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism or alcohol use disorder consists of a person with a desire or need to drink. Those with alcohol use disorder continue to consume alcohol even after negative consequences occur. Alcoholism affects every part of a person’s life. When someone is focused on their next drink, their friends and family, work, and finances suffer. Once joyous activities lose their interest, work or school obligations become unimportant, and risks of legal problems from DUIs increase with every drive.

Alcohol abuse rehab centers in Jacksonville will help educate you about the disease of addiction, which is essential because many people don’t truly understand what an alcoholic is (and isn’t). There are misconceptions about the type of people who become alcoholics. Alcohol abuse affects people from all walks of life. Therefore, remember that addiction doesn’t discriminate.

Those who need the help of alcohol abuse rehab centers are men and women who have lost the power of choice when it comes to drinking. Men and women addicted to alcohol can’t stop drinking when they want to, and their drinking gradually makes their lives more and more unmanageable.

Are You Battling Alcohol Abuse?

Because alcohol is such a widely used substance in the United States, it can be difficult to determine whether you’re battling addiction. In fact, many people don’t get the care that they need because they don’t realize that they have a problem. Fortunately, there is a range of symptoms you can look for if you suspect that you or someone you love has an addiction. For instance, these symptoms include:

  • Your relationships have been damaged due to your alcohol use.
  • You’ve developed a tolerance for alcohol, so you need more to drink to get the same effect.
  • You continue using alcohol even though it is causing mental or physical health issues.
  • You have cravings for alcohol.
  • You’ve put aside your hobbies or career to continue drinking.

These are not the only signs that can indicate that you’re abusing alcohol. However, the best way to determine whether your use has strayed to abuse is to talk to an expert at an addiction treatment center, like Beaches Recovery.

Detox at Alcohol Abuse Rehab Centers in Jacksonville

Why haven’t you been able to get sober on your own? The reason is simple: your mind and body have become dependent. Alcoholism affects the part of the brain that’s responsible for basic survival instincts. After months or years of drinking in excess, your body feels like it needs alcohol to survive. If you try to stop drinking on your own without the help of a qualified detox facility, it can be dangerous. In fact, the symptoms of withdrawal are potentially fatal in some cases.

Common symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include nausea, shaking, anxiety, depression, and many other uncomfortable symptoms. The more dangerous symptoms include heart failure and seizures. With the help of Florida medical alcohol detox at alcohol abuse rehab centers in Jacksonville, you’ll be not only safe while your body detoxes, but also the medical staff will work hard to make you as comfortable as possible.

Seek Treatment at Beaches Recovery

In treatment, you’re going to learn coping strategies for dealing with life. This is crucial because many alcoholics drink based on their reaction to situations like stress, fear, sadness, and anger. In order to stay sober, it’s vital to learn a new design for living and dealing with emotions. Beaches Recovery provides the following experiential programs for healthy expression:

  • Art therapy
  • Equine-assisted therapy
  • Bowling in Jacksonville
  • Fitness therapy
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction in FL
  • Music therapy
  • Ropes course in Jacksonville

By the time you’re ready to leave treatment, you’ll have a new perception of life. You’ll find what millions of other recovering alcoholics have found, which is an incredible life where you don’t need to drink to live. Healing begins at Beaches Recovery in sunny Florida, and it will provide you with the opportunity to pursue your dreams and be the person you always wanted to be.

Alcohol abuse rehab centers in Jacksonville, FL, are your best bet to overcome alcohol addiction. Contact Beaches Recovery today at 866.605.0532 and reclaim your life.