Getting sober isn’t easy, no matter how long the journey has been from start to recovery. Therefore, tips for sobriety are especially valuable.

Some people quit cold turkey. Others, however, benefit the most from professional services, like those offered at a reputable alcohol rehab program. Too often, knowing how to begin the path to recovery, staying on that path of sobriety, and enjoying the time spent throughout the long-term adjustment can be overwhelming. However, at Coalition Recovery, we celebrate sobriety. Here, aftercare services such as yoga therapy and nutrition and wellness encourage joy in the new, sober life created through recovery.

Tips for Getting Sober

  • Avoid risky situations – Keeping out of situations that might put a person struggling with addiction at risk of exposure to the substance in question is imperative to maintaining sobriety. A clean, healthy life in both body and behavior can only work in favor of maintaining your sobriety.
  • Establish supportive relationships – A peer group that can be depended upon through the challenge of getting sober is one of the most important steps in the sobriety process. 
  • Having friends, family members, and peers who understand the struggle of substance abuse – Asking for help from professionals is one side of the coin of sobriety and having a supportive, empathetic peer group is the other. These peers being sober is very important because they are less likely to tempt you to break your sobriety. In addition, they are more capable of understanding what a person struggling with addiction is going through. 

How to Maintain Sobriety

Peer Support Group Activities

Joining support groups such as AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) can provide structure and support. They are also somewhere to get away to where people encourage and understand the process of getting sober. Having a peer support group is one of the most important tips for sobriety.

Urge Management

Managing the urges of substance addiction might be the most simple yet most difficult part of maintaining one’s sobriety. Often enough, urges only last a short time but can be exceptionally hard to overcome. Ideas on how to manage them primarily revolve around distraction and engagement: chewing gum, listening to music, or reciting a mantra like, “This too shall pass.”

Finding Engaging Activities 

Keeping busy with healthy, engaging activities work to distract the mind from urges, pain, and stress involved with recovery. Your efforts to get sober benefit greatly by implementing distractions, redirecting attention from risky scenarios and behaviors, and getting interested in things that will erase opportunities to give in to impulses. 

Stress Management

It can be an incredibly stressful undertaking for those who decide to seek recovery. From the beginning, when urges are most intense to learning how to maintain sobriety at social events, the overwhelming emotions can be a challenge in and of themselves. Finding an activity or hobby that relieves this stress is ideal.

How to Celebrate Sobriety

Once the major, immediate challenges of substance abuse recovery have been overcome and a client of Coalition Recovery is looking to learn how to celebrate sobriety, there are many different ways to continue to live a full and joyful life post-addiction. 

Setting milestones for the journey toward sobriety is one way to celebrate the process. For example, 30, 60, and 90-day milestones move on to six months, nine months, and then a year and beyond. These will provide things to look forward to and a positive, forward-moving element to the journey.

Coalition Recovery not only encourages healthy aftercare that uplifts clients but also provides some of those services that make it an even easier and more enjoyable experience. Some of the options that Coalition offers for celebrating and enjoying sobriety are: 

  • A pool and a hot tub on campus 
  • A half-court basketball court 
  • Between six to seven acres of open property for relaxation in nature

Coalition Recovery Values Support

When using these tips and tricks to move through the process of recovery, a support system is imperative. Coalition Recovery can provide empathy and motivation from a small, dedicated staff to encourage and support the rehabilitation experience. All that’s necessary is to take the first step towards the goals that mean a better, more joyful life of recovery. Contact Coalition Recovery at 888.707.2873 today for more information.

Footprints Beachside Recovery exists to provide state-licensed, nationally-accredited addiction treatment to those in need through both part-time and full-time programs. We believe that the most effective substance abuse treatment is individualized to each client and combines both therapy and medication. Our team of addiction treatment professionals treats every client with respect and compassion while utilizing innovative approaches to treatment. And our aftercare programs ensure that every one of our clients has the tools they need for lasting sobriety.